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    Guest Semester for Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands

    Please complete the following online application to be considered for the guest semester program at Bowdoin. You must complete the application in one sitting (you cannot save your progress on this page).

    You must include a copy of your college/university transcript showing at least two semesters of college work. Screenshots, photographs, and unofficial transcripts are acceptable. You can upload your transcript or record of grades at the bottom of the application.

    For any additional materials you would like to include, please email and include the subject line, “Guest semester program materials - NAME” and include your name.

    In addition to this application and a copy of your transcript, applicants are also required to submit a short video response (no more than 2 minutes) to the following question:

    Why have you chosen your particular area of study, and what do you find most interesting about it? 

    You may upload your video to YouTube and provide us the link or send the video as an attachment to

    Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed.