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    Bowdoin In Your Area

    Our Admissions staff travels throughout the US and abroad to meet with interested students and counselors. Recruitment travel is focused in the fall semester, with only a handful of school visits, college fairs, and admitted student events in the spring.

    In 2019, Bowdoin will be offering regional events and interviews in select areas around the country. We will also be visiting a limited number of high schools. If an Admissions staff member will be visiting your high school or conducting interviews in your area, students on our mailing list will receive email notification of the date and time of the visit.

    United States—Arizona

    United States—Colorado

    United States—Illinois

    United States—Maine

    United States—New Hampshire

    United States—New Jersey

    United States—New York

    United States—North Carolina

    United States—Texas

    United States—Utah

    United States—Vermont


    Canada—British Columbia



    Costa Rica




    South Korea