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    Sign Up for an Interview

    Interviews are for rising seniors and seniors only.  Interviews have closed for seniors seeking admission in Fall of 2020.  

    A personal interview is strongly encouraged, but not required, as part of the application process to Bowdoin (and you do not need to have submitted your application before you interview). Interviews are designed as a give-and-take: the interviewer will guide the course of the conversation, but there'll be plenty of time for you to ask questions about Bowdoin not addressed in other materials.

    On-campus interviews for rising seniors or seniors seeking admission in Fall of 2021 will be offered May - December 2020.  Check back in mid-March to view the calendar and see available on-campus interview appointments.  

    Off-campus alumni interviews for seniors will be offered September 1 - December 1 2020.

    • Unable to visit campus? Off-campus alumni interviews are available each fall from September 1 through December 1.
    • Veteran or current US military member? Sign up here for on- or off-campus interviews. 

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